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This site offers brass, aluminum, plastic and wood custom made knuckles for sale.
(The content of this site is of an adult nature)


Before you proceed further we must inform you  that our products are for novelty
use and  are not intended to  be used in a harmful manner.  Improper use of our 
knuckles could inflict harm to other human beings, animals or personal property.
If you do  use our products  for something  other than their intended purpose you
are fully aware of the dangers and consequences and will hold us from any harm
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Use  of this  site and products  are at the  users own risk, you must be 18 years
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your  responsibility  to check local  laws, regulations, and  ordinances governing
the  ownership of  such an  item  in your  country,  providence,  state or county.

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Welcome !! we specialize in  custom  designed and  hand crafted brass 
     knuckles.  We use only the highest quality materials and techniques to to 
     provide  you with a high  quality product that  is eye appealing as well as 
     durable. Please look at our current selection below, if you don't see what 
     you are  looking for  please inquire.  All models are available in brass as 
     well  as aluminum   with a select few in plastic.   New models  are always 
     being  designed and  will be added  and updated  on a regular basis, so 
     please check back often. If you would like to place an order or would like
     more  info on pricing  please fill in your email address below and you will 
     be directed to the appropriate page. We are glad you stopped by, please 
     bookmark this site so that you may visit us again.

                                                                                     - Mr. Knuckles

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